Welcome to Trendz Planet

In here, it’s all about us. Are you sure, you are not lost or you are just a curious type. In either way, we are glad that you’re here. Let’s get to know each other a little better. Please! We insist.

Trendz Planet is a small independent planet trying to do some business, started by a bunch of residents (friends) & we have funded this whole planet with our savings. We are not a big corporation & we do not have any VC funding. (In case, you’re an investor looking to pump a huge amount into Trendz Planet so that we can buy a new office to engage our employees and maximize productivity – call us.)

We create & curate stunning designs to make the best damn t-shirts that we possibly can. We design to spread happiness & try to set new trend that you like to be a part of. We value the hard-earned money that you spend on us & we do our absolute best to get you some fantastic t-shirts that you can be proud of. Every time you buy from Trendz Planet, you support great art & artist behind them & become a part to set a new trend.

We are a small team with big ideas & we will go out of our way to help you to pick your own trendy t-shirt. So if you’re looking for some outstanding t-shirts, you’ve come to the right place!